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I believe that you are whole, that I am whole, and that somewhere along the way many of us lost track of this truth. For some of us it was trauma. Some of us were wounded by religion, culture, family, or shame. My approach seeks to see the wholeness of you, holding gently the wounded parts of self, and walking the journey of healing in collaboration with you.


I believe that we are wired toward resilience and hope, and I seek to notice and narrate the resiliencies and strengths I see in you. As a social worker, I understand we are not separate from our environments; I work from an anti-oppressive approach to therapy which recognizes the intersecting impacts society, environment, and identity have on our well-being. 

I enjoy working with clients from a variety of backgrounds and who are seeking therapy for a variety of reasons. I have experience and special interest/training in the following areas:

  • trauma, grief, and attachment

  • impacts of working as a humanitarian in aid and development (including those in the missionary field)

  • cross cultural adjustment

  • faith, religion, and spirituality, including religious trauma

  • supporting those from the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, including from religious backgrounds. 

I have completed extensive continuing education on practicing psychotherapy online. I draw on the science of neurobiology, understanding that our feelings, thoughts, and physiology are intertwined. My approach is individually tailored to each client's experience and interest. I draw on wisdom from the following approaches:


I am committed to ongoing education and have focused my current study on trauma healing and integration. My most studies of Memory Reconsolidation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and EMDR are trauma approaches rooted in neuroscience and an understanding of the ways in which trauma is stored in the body. 

I am a Registered Social Worker, psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Social Service Workers and Social Workers. My registration number is: 834733

Image by Colton Sturgeon
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