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About Me

My name is Kaitlyn. I am a friend, partner, parent, aunt, daughter, sister, expat and social worker. I am grateful for the ways that these roles intersect and impact me personally and professionally. I have lived experience with trauma, and have spent many hours as a client of psychotherapy. I believe in the healing power of therapy because I live it. I grew up shuttled between my parent's houses; half of the time in the queer community in a midrange city and the other half of the time in a highly conservative small town. I enjoy nuance and conversation. I have lived in East Africa and currently live in Nepal.  I love the outdoors, challenging hikes and calm moments in kayaks. I feel most grounded by lakes, trees, or mountains. I delight in slightly dark humour, time with my loved ones, and reading a good book.

(for those of you who are more education oriented: I have a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Social Work. I have completed extensive professional development in the areas of grief, trauma, attachment, and clinical skills for online counselling.)

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